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      1. "Surviving Divorce," a seminar to help those going through or contemplating divorce, at Chesterfield Mall on Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

        No one gets married thinking "Someday I'll probably get a divorce." But, unfortunately, sometimes divorce happens. This seminar will help you be more informed about different aspects of divorce as you face separation and divorce Presenters include attorneys, a financial advisor, and a therapist.

        Topics include:
        - Options and Process for Divorce
        - Hot Topics in Divorce Today
        - Divorce and Your Current Estate Plan
        - Choosing a Guardian
        - Divorce Decrees and Estate Plans
        - Remarriage Issue
        - How to Determine Your Maintenance Needs
        - Post-Divorce Budget
        - Types of Assets to Retain
        - Tax Consequences - Division of Property
        - Tax Consequences - Maintenance
        - How to Tell Children About the Divorce
        - Impact of Divorce on Your Children
        - Taking Care of Yourself
        - Transitioning Through Divorce
        - Help Through the Mourning Process

        Presenters include:
        Sophy Raza, Divorce and Family Law

        Misty Watson, Estate Planning

        Register early as space is limited. For more information or to register, email DMSeminars@dmfirm.com. Please be sure to include the first and last names for everyone you want to register for the seminar in the email.

        If you would like to have a Surviving Divorce seminar for your group (ladies', men's, church, civic, community, etc.), email DMSeminars@dmfirm.com.

Who We Serve

  1. Business Organizations — Danna McKitrick offers a complete line of legal and business advisory services to companies of any stage and size. Obtain day-to-day legal counsel and help with complex transactions, business conflict, financial crises, and planning for the future of the business and owners.

    Construction Industry — Our Construction Team understands the development projects’ various phases and can assist you in staving off potential problems before they arise. We work hard to anticipate vulnerabilities and address them before they adversely impact your project.

    Emerging Business — Our Emerging Business Group delivers creative, affordable legal advice and representation for success as you expand. Members of our team are savvy attorneys, experienced at nurturing businesses in their early phases, and who stay ahead of industry, technological, and legal developments.

    Families and Individuals — Danna McKitrick’s family law attorneys are highly experienced in all sorts of personal matters. We can provide advice as well as attend to legal arrangements concerning your personal and family circumstances and future security.

    Financial Institutions — Danna McKitrick’s lawyers are experienced in working with financial institutions of all sizes. We provide uncommonly prompt response and sound counsel to meet lenders’ needs. Our goal is to facilitate your effort to provide excellent customer service without unnecessary cost or risk.

    Government Related — Our Government Services Group is a team of savvy lawyers with experience and finesse to skillfully address legal matters on behalf of, among, or against government entities or government-related agencies.

    Healthcare Industry — In your highly regulated and specialized industry, attorneys are most valuable to you if they understand the unique goals and challenges you face. We do. Danna McKitrick’s Health Care Team is qualified and experienced in the intricacies of health care law.

    Insurance Industry — Danna McKitrick’s strong team of attorneys is skilled in the representation of insurers, their insureds, self-insureds, reinsurers, third-party administrators, agents and brokers in both state and federal courts.

    Manufacturers & Distributors — Danna McKitrick understands manufacturers. Our legal team is qualified to serve you with advice on operations, labor and employment, environmental and regulatory compliance, supplier relationships, distribution concerns, and financing issues.

    Transportation Industry — Danna McKitrick serves motor carriers and over-the-road haulers throughout the central United States. Our lawyers have been representing transportation businesses or their insurers for over thirty years.


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