Ruth Binger and Katherine Flett Present on Compliant Workplaces and COVID-19printbutton

Jun 25 2020

   Ruth A. Binger
   Attorney at Law

   Katherine M. Flett
   Attorney at Law

Ruth Binger and Katherine Flett presented "Maintaining a Legally Compliant Work Environment and Navigating the 'New' Workplace in the Face of COVID-19," a Facebook Live webinar, for the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce's Chamber University.

Topics included:
  • Strategies for Keeping Your Business in Business
  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions such as:
    • When an employee calls in sick, what questions can I ask them?
    • If an employee comes to work and is visibly sick, can I make them go home?
    • If there is a positive case of COVID-19 within my company, what information can we disclose about the employee who tested positively?
    • Can an employee sue our company for not protecting them from COVID-19?
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