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Professional Liability Defense

At increasingly litigious environment where clients seek to place blame on someone has ensnared many professionals in the unfamiliar position of defending against a malpractice claim.

At Danna McKitrick, we recognize the unique challenges that arise when a lawsuit is filed against a professional. Apart from the issues presented in a particular case, a professional’s reputation is being challenged.

A number of firms, as well as their insurers, request Danna McKitrick’s Professional Liability Defense Team to handle malpractice allegations leveled against lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, real estate agents, insurance agents, and brokers.

We have been privileged to represent the lawyer/insureds of the legal malpractice insurer with the largest market share in Missouri for many years. Our Professional Liability Defense Team has successfully defended many lawyers against accusations of mishandling cases, including patent litigation, complex wealth management and investment strategies, and construction defects, all within the “case within a case” model of a legal malpractice lawsuit.

Accountants look to us for help when clients claim to have sustained foreseeable losses as a result of the accountant’s alleged negligence. And they seek our advice and counsel when called upon as witnesses or custodians of records in third-party litigation proceedings.

When cost dispute overruns threaten to stall a project or there are alleged errors or omissions in the performance of an obligation, design professionals need a quiet voice of reason.

Solutions to these tricky situations require lawyers who understand and have the rapport and empathy to effectively untangle the issues and concerns that ensue. Plus, our firm has a number of attorneys experienced in mediation and arbitration who successfully resolve problems before they reach the courtroom.

Our attorneys work closely with our professional client to develop a strategy for obtaining the best outcome for the professional, up to and including defending the case to trial.

For solid representation and experienced professionals, look to Danna McKitrick.


Professional Liability Defense Attorneys

David R. Bohm | Jeffrey R. Schmitt

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