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Attorneys Patrick J. Murphy and Misty A. Watson were featured in an article in the Ladue News discussing the importance of getting both your personal and business affairs in order before you travel.

For individuals and families, this may involve decisions regarding your children while you are away. Watson gives the following example:

…. if you are leaving your kids with their grandparents, [the grandparents] can be the health care power of attorney for [your children] in case of an emergency.

Business owners have an additional set of concerns beyond personal and family matters. A succession plan that lays out how the business will continue to operate if the business owner meets with death or injury is necessary – and should be prepared as early as possible and preferably not at the last minute.

“Every business should be thinking of [succession planning]—it’s like buying insurance,” he says. “With no planning, we see far too many businesses die on the vine.”

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