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Manufacturers & Distributors

Danna McKitrick understands manufacturers. Our legal team is qualified to serve you with advice on operations, labor and employment, environmental and regulatory compliance, supplier relationships, distribution concerns, and financing issues. We frequently collaborate with our clients’ accountants regarding tax and business solutions.

Your growth and profitability are end goals in our minds, so we help you develop strategies that aid in avoiding disputes and the high costs of litigation.

Yet, when you need representation in court, our Litigation Team effectively and aggressively advocates for you.

Business Advisory

Good contracts make good business. To help your company stay ahead of the curve, Danna McKitrick is well-versed in laws that include state trade laws and federal anti-trust laws. We are particularly adept at advising you on pricing policies, unfair trade laws, and unfair tying arrangements.

Most of our manufacturing clients are privately-held or family-owned businesses. In addition to the general impact of business decisions on daily operations, there are valid concerns for the tax implications of such decisions for both the business and its owners.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your products, processes, and trade secrets is becoming much more critical as production technology becomes more accessible and the work force becomes more transient, taking with it valuable knowledge. That is why we help businesses look out for themselves and their valuable intellectual property.

Regulatory Compliance & Licensure

Licensing and compliance with extensive government regulations requires detailed record keeping and can be costly. To lower this undesired expense, we can provide ideas and tools to keep compliance as cost effective as possible.

Environmental Compliance

The manufacturers we know are concerned about environmental contamination of land and proper disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Waste disposal has significant impact on real estate transactions. Because lenders require land use background checks before sale or purchase of land, even seemingly harmless disposal can become a costly problem for those who have affected the use of a location. Danna McKitrick helps you take a proactive approach to this issue by strategizing to prevent or minimize environmental impacts.

Distribution Practices

Good distribution methods will inevitably enhance profitability. Throughout its life-cycle, almost every business will eventually face distribution procedure issues. We can help you to streamline your supply chain process with special care to limit risks of supplier shortages or limitations.

With manufacturing know-how, Danna McKitrick has assembled a spectacular team for you.


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