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Tom DeWoskin, a seasoned bankruptcy attorney with over three decades of experience, weighs in on the dramatic decrease in business bankruptcy filings in the St. Louis area in 2011 over last year. In an article on 2nd quarter 2011 business backruptcies in the St. Louis Business Journal, DeWoskin commented on the state of bankruptcies in greater St. Louis.

“It seems to me that everybody in St. Louis who is going to fail has failed,” DeWoskin said. “You can only hang on for so long. After some period of time it’s going to kill you.”

But is that good news for the St. Louis area? Read more of DeWoskin’s thoughts …. the St. Louis Business Journal.

Read more on business bankruptcy in DeWoskin’s blog, “Protecting Against Preference Demands in a Bankruptcy Case.”



A. Thomas DeWoskin

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