Danna McKitrick may be the law firm you’ll be proud to call your workplace.

  • Interested in expanding your career with a growing firm?
  • Want to work with professionals who actually appreciate each other?
  • Ready for a challenging position in the legal profession where the “challenge” itself isn’t just figuring out how to “get more done in a day”?

In your career search, you’ve probably found that law firms vary quite a lot in their culture and service approaches. At Danna McKitrick, we offer intelligent and enthusiastic candidates a genuinely friendly and collegial atmosphere—one where you are inspired and challenged by the work quality and given the opportunity to truly contribute to meeting the needs of our diverse clientele.

We are big on quality. Quality of care and service to clients. Quality in our work product, quality of life and future for those who work here. And quality of contribution to our communities.

And we do our best to continuously uphold the values of respect, integrity, and pride in our work and in our actions. Daily work at Danna McKitrick demonstrates that, regardless of job title, we communicate with each other often, candidly, on a first name basis, and with an open-door policy.

Unlike most firms, our litigation and transactional practices aren’t strictly compartmentalized. Almost all our attorneys collaborate across “department lines” and many of us have practices founded on significant experience in both transactional law and litigation.

Especially as a new attorney, you are free to work across departments resulting in exposure to many service types, client scenarios, and industries for your greater development overall.

If you’re an experienced attorney, we supply the resources to back you up, supporting the types of services you most want to provide, and the opportunity to take your career to the next level. You’ll find colleagues with attitudes and practice strengths you aren’t hesitant to refer to your most valued clients.

If you’re a principal-level attorney with a great client base and looking to make a lateral move, Danna McKitrick, P.C. may be a good fit for you. Ron Danna and Mike McKitrick would be happy to speak with you!

You’ll enjoy having a voice, receiving outstanding support through our administrative team, led by our Director of Administration, Jim Baalmann, MBA. You’ll grow your practice through our very strong marketing culture with planning, coaching, and PR resources available to you. Danna McKitrick is committed to helping each attorney maximize his or her career potential.

People who work here are also encouraged to support our community and local charities and we play a lead role in addressing unmet legal needs through our pro bono work.

A fulfilling legal career may await you at Danna McKitrick. Give us a call today at 314.726.1000.


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Stuck in neutral? Not challenged enough? No room to move up? Want more quality of life?

It’s time for a change! If you have prior law firm experience, let’s talk. We are a fast growing, multi-service law firm seeking confident, personable attorneys who love helping people.

Strong interpersonal skills a must.

Even if we don’t have your desired positions listed as open, feel free to reach out to us. Send your resume to