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Jeff Schmitt on Considerations for Short-term Rentals via Internet Outlets

Jeff Schmitt, real estate attorney with Danna McKitrick, P.C., spoke with Dan Gray on the KTVI Fox2 News about important considerations regarding using online outlets such as AirBnB and VRBO to rent your home or condo on a short-term basis and advice for renters as well.

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For additional information on short-term rentals, including tips for homeowner and condominium associations, read the following articles by Jeff Schmitt:


Estate Planning for the New Year with Misty Watson

Misty A. WatsonMisty Watson, estate planning attorney with Danna McKitrick, talks with Dan Gray on both KPLR-11 and KTVI Fox 2 about the importance of estate planning for the new year. The discussions included reasons your estate plan may need to be updated. If you haven’t done your estate planning, she provides reasons why you should consider it in 2016.




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Misty Watson on Estate Planning and Your Divorce

Misty A. WatsonMisty Watson, estate planning attorney with Danna McKitrick, discusses things to consider regarding your estate plan if you are contemplating a divorce on KTVI FOX2News with Elliot Weiler.

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Attorney Patrick Murphy on Estate Planning, Legal Issues for Same-Sex Couples in Missouri

Patrick J. Murphy, CPA Attorney at LawPatrick Murphy, estate planning attorney with Danna McKitrick, tackles legal and estate planning questions arising from the recent decision by a Missouri judge to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriages and the order for licenses to be issued to gay and lesbian couples in the City of St. Louis. Continue reading »

Attorney Misty Watson Gives Tips on Preparing Wills and Other Personal Legal Documents

Misty A. Watson Attorney at Law

Misty A. Watson
Attorney at Law

Misty Watson, estate planning attorney with Danna McKitrick, was a guest on KTVI Fox2News with Shawndrea Thomas discussing tips for getting your legal and financial affairs in order. Continue reading »

Murphy and Watson on Travel and Your Legal Affairs

Attorneys Patrick J. Murphy and Misty A. Watson were featured in an article in the Ladue News discussing the importance of getting both your personal and business affairs in order before you travel.

For individuals and families, this may involve decisions regarding your children while you are away. Watson gives the following example:

…. if you are leaving your kids with their grandparents, [the grandparents] can be the health care power of attorney for [your children] in case of an emergency.

Business owners have an additional set of concerns beyond personal and family matters. A succession plan that lays out how the business will continue to operate if the business owner meets with death or injury is necessary – and should be prepared as early as possible and preferably not at the last minute.

“Every business should be thinking of [succession planning]—it’s like buying insurance,” he says. “With no planning, we see far too many businesses die on the vine.”

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Cheryl Beebe-Snelle Quoted in Family Business Succession, “Sowing the Seeds, It’s All in the Family”

“I say to people, ‘You love your children equally, but you treat them based upon their abilities and their needs’… The most important thing is to be able to separate the family from the business,” Cheryl Beebe-Snell says.

Print version only –  CEO St. Louis
Published: August 2008

Good Fit, Rapport Key to Finding the Right Legal Relationship

It’s about getting to know the person and the firm he or she works for, said  Ruth Binger, principal with the Danna McKitrick law firm in Clayton. The relationship between a client and attorney should be one of advocacy, communication and dependability, so personality is as important as capability.

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Published: February 1, 2008

New Bankruptcy Law Produces Unforeseen Results, Experts Say

Tom DeWoskin talked about the disparity in the application of the means test. “So whether or not I have to pass the means test is determined by the size of my house. I’m sorry; I just don’t see the logic in that,” he said.

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Published: September 28, 2006 (posted with permission)