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Jeff Schmitt on Considerations for Short-term Rentals via Internet Outlets

Jeff Schmitt, real estate attorney with Danna McKitrick, P.C., spoke with Dan Gray on the KTVI Fox2 News about important considerations regarding using online outlets such as AirBnB and VRBO to rent your home or condo on a short-term basis and advice for renters as well.

Watch the full interview here – starting at the 2:00 mark:


For additional information on short-term rentals, including tips for homeowner and condominium associations, read the following articles by Jeff Schmitt:


Attorney Jeff Schmitt on Neighbor Disputes

Jeffrey R. Schmitt Attorney at LawAttorney Jeff Schmitt recently spoke with the Ladue News about disputes between neighbors

His comments appear in the article “Legal Corner: Keep It Neighborly.”

Schmitt shared that the most frequent issues he sees involve property boundaries.


“People should know that this is not a typical business transaction where you only deal with somebody one time,” Schmitt says. “You could be living next to them for a long time. You don’t want to burn bridges, or things could get very uncomfortable.”

Though many conflicts can be solved without legal counsel, Schmitt says there are times when it’s appropriate, like with forming a draft of rights for things like driveway easements. For instance, he explains if a driveway is built a few inches onto someone else’s property, it’s a good idea for homeowners to form a written agreement with their neighbor detailing rights and obligations.

“That way, when either one of those parties goes to sell their house, it doesn’t affect the sale,” Schmitt says. “It also gives the new owner peace of mind.”

Read full article hereLadue News: Legal Corner

Ruth Binger Publishes International IP Article in InterBusiness Issues

Ruth Binger Attorney at LawRuth Binger, corporate law attorney with Danna McKitrick, P.C., recently published “Protecting Your Intellectual Property in a Wild World” in InterBusiness Issues (iBi), a publication of Central Illinois Business Publishers.

In the article, Binger discusses the importance of protecting intellectual property both in the U.S. and internationally if you are selling your product on the global marketplace.

Click here to read the full article reprinted with permission

Click here to read the full article as it appears in InterBusiness Issues (iBi)

Patrick Murphy Discusses the IRS Email Scandal and Record Retention Policies

Patrick J. Murphy, CPA Attorney at LawWith the IRS at the center of an email controversy surrounding the deletion of employee emails crucial to an ongoing investigation by Congress, record retention is a hot topic.

Patrick Murphy, CPA and tax attorney with Danna McKitrick, discusses the importance of creating and enforcing record retention policies in the workplace with Elliot Weiler in two separate interviews on Fox2Now and KPLR11.

Fox2Now – KTVI Channel 2


Advice to New Law School Grads from Laura Long and Misty Watson

Two attorneys from Danna McKitrick – Laura Gerdes Long and Misty Watson – were interviewed by the Ladue News to provide a little insight to new law school graduates. They answered questions about why they chose the practice of law, how they decided on their area of practice, and any advice for new attorneys as they start their careers.

Here are just a few of their comments:

Laura Gerdes Long:

I would say don’t try to concentrate in a single field when first graduating. Instead, try to find a bunch of different lawyers and different practice areas to work in to see what is your passion. Continue reading »

Murphy and Watson on Travel and Your Legal Affairs

Attorneys Patrick J. Murphy and Misty A. Watson were featured in an article in the Ladue News discussing the importance of getting both your personal and business affairs in order before you travel.

For individuals and families, this may involve decisions regarding your children while you are away. Watson gives the following example:

…. if you are leaving your kids with their grandparents, [the grandparents] can be the health care power of attorney for [your children] in case of an emergency.

Business owners have an additional set of concerns beyond personal and family matters. A succession plan that lays out how the business will continue to operate if the business owner meets with death or injury is necessary – and should be prepared as early as possible and preferably not at the last minute.

“Every business should be thinking of [succession planning]—it’s like buying insurance,” he says. “With no planning, we see far too many businesses die on the vine.”

Read the full article here

Murphy Speaks on Critical Issues for Manufacturers: Missouri Enterprise

Several Danna McKitrick attorneys recently presented at a seminar with Missouri Enterprise on issues critical to manufacturers.

Patrick J.  Murphy, a CPA and attorney,  was featured in “Seminar Explores Three Issues Critical to Manufacturers,” an article on the seminar in Impact!, a newsletter published by Missouri Enterprise and distributed to manufacturers across the state of Missouri.

Read the article … Impact!

Ruth Binger on Lack of an Exit Plan: Missouri Enterprise

Lack of an Exit Plan =  Dead Company Walking,” an article by Attorney Ruth Binger on the importance of succession planning and exit strategies, was published in a recent issue of Impact!, a newsletter published by Missouri Enterprise for manufacturers and distributors.

Read the full article … Impact!

Binger on Social Media Best Practices for Construction Trade

Corporate law and digital media law attorney Ruth Binger‘s article “Making Social Media Trades in Construction Trades” was recently published in the St. Louis Construction News and Review newsletter. Binger addressed best practices for social media risk management in the construction industry.

Read the full article … St. Louis Construction News and Review

Ruth Binger Shares Insight on Discovery of Lies After Hiring

St. Louis Small Business Monthly recently ran a “Board of Directors” column titled “How do I handle an employee who lied in the interview process?” They asked Attorney Ruth Binger for her insight on how to deal with situation where an employee lied about his experience and education that was not uncovered until several years after hiring.

Read Ruth’s response here.