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Sophy Raza: When a Couple “Un-Couples”

What happens when a married couple decides they do not want to be together any longer?

Sophy Raza, a family law attorney with Danna McKitrick, P.C., explains what it means when a married couple decides to file for a legal separation versus a divorce in “Understanding an Un-Coupling” for the Ladue News.

Sophya Q. Raza Attorney at Law

Sophya Q. Raza
Attorney at Law

Sophy Raza of Danna McKitrick, says that though legal separation isn’t very common, the process is much the same as divorce, from an attorney standpoint. “You have to go through the same procedure of property division, child support, maintenance and alimony,” she explains. “You divide your assets; and from that day forward, you don’t have a marital ‘pot’ anymore.”

Raza explains that she’s seen couples choose this option because of financial reasons, where one person may have an addiction or a gambling problem and want to keep their assets separate. Couples also do it for religious reasons, if they don’t believe in divorce. “Those are the main scenarios,” she says. “Some people haven’t made up their minds, but want financial separations.”

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Tobben Argues in Vogel Case: Majority of Plaintiffs in Case Have Already Settled

Daniel G. Tobben Attorney at Law

Daniel G. Tobben
Attorney at Law

Attorney Dan Tobben represents Paul Vogel in a third party complaint filed by St. Louis Bank. The bank is seeking to recover damages it could be ordered to pay in a lawsuit by investors involved in a fraudulent real estate investment scheme run by  Martin Sigillito.

However, “the majority of the plaintiffs in the St. Louis Bank suit have already settled with Vogel in previous cases,” according to Tobben in court documents.

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Attorney David Bohm with Rick Cantor of Avery’s Angels on Teen Suicide Prevention

Teen suicide prevention and the efforts of Avery’s Angels Foundation were discussed recently on St. Louis Voices on Y-98FM. Joining host Brion O’Brion were Rick Cantor, Avery’s Angels president and founder, and David R. Bohm, foundation vice president and attorney with Danna McKitrick, P.C.

Avery’s Angels works to educate teens to know the signs and symptoms of teens, including and especially depression, who are suicidal and to take the necessary steps to prevent suicide. This includes peer-to-peer groups in schools. Continue reading »

Attorney Jeff Schmitt on Neighbor Disputes

Jeffrey R. Schmitt Attorney at Law

Jeffrey R. Schmitt
Attorney at Law

Attorney Jeff Schmitt recently spoke with the Ladue News about disputes between neighbors

His comments appear in the article “Legal Corner: Keep It Neighborly.”

Schmitt shared that the most frequent issues he sees involve property boundaries.


“People should know that this is not a typical business transaction where you only deal with somebody one time,” Schmitt says. “You could be living next to them for a long time. You don’t want to burn bridges, or things could get very uncomfortable.”

Though many conflicts can be solved without legal counsel, Schmitt says there are times when it’s appropriate, like with forming a draft of rights for things like driveway easements. For instance, he explains if a driveway is built a few inches onto someone else’s property, it’s a good idea for homeowners to form a written agreement with their neighbor detailing rights and obligations.

“That way, when either one of those parties goes to sell their house, it doesn’t affect the sale,” Schmitt says. “It also gives the new owner peace of mind.”

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James Heffner Named One of Best M&A Advisors

James M. Heffner Attorney at Law

James M. Heffner
Attorney at Law

James M. Heffner has been named one of the 2015 Best Mergers & Acquisitions Providers by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly (SBM).

James was among 22 professional services providers nominated by readers of the St. Louis SBM for being the best advisors for business owners in St. Louis.

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Attorney Sophy Raza on Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Sophya Q. Raza Attorney at Law

Sophya Q. Raza
Attorney at Law

Family law attorney Sophy Qureshi Raza discusses when it is necessary to remain firm and when it is important to be flexible when co-parenting in “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” a recent article in the Ladue News.

According to Raza, the parenting plan that “both parents receive after a custody decision … becomes the final word in any custody-related disagreements.”

“The best parenting plan is the one you throw in a drawer and never look at again,” Raza says. “But there are definitely those scenarios where that’s not going to work…so they have to go by the letter of the parenting plan.”

Details specified in a parenting plan, Raza says, include pick-up and drop-off times; child-support amounts; holiday details; who pays for the children’s insurance, and how uninsured medical expenses are paid; which parent receives the tax exemption and more. Parenting plans should be customized to fit the needs of the children and co-parents, Raza says, adding it is important for any parents in that situation to know their attorney can help customize the plan around those topics they feel most strongly about.

Raza suggests even asking older children about their preferences before deciding on a parenting plan: You don’t want to be firm about Wednesday nights spent at your house only to find out the child would prefer to sleep in the same bed every weeknight.

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Attorney Patrick Murphy on Estate Planning, Legal Issues for Same-Sex Couples in Missouri

Patrick J. Murphy, CPA Attorney at Law

Patrick J. Murphy, CPA
Attorney at Law

Patrick Murphy, estate planning attorney with Danna McKitrick, tackles legal and estate planning questions arising from the recent decision by a Missouri judge to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriages and the order for licenses to be issued to gay and lesbian couples in the City of St. Louis. Continue reading »

Attorney Misty Watson Gives Tips on Preparing Wills and Other Personal Legal Documents

Misty A. Watson Attorney at Law

Misty A. Watson
Attorney at Law

Misty Watson, estate planning attorney with Danna McKitrick, was a guest on KTVI Fox2News with Shawndrea Thomas discussing tips for getting your legal and financial affairs in order. Continue reading »

Ruth Binger Publishes International IP Article in InterBusiness Issues

Ruth Binger Attorney at Law

Ruth Binger
Attorney at Law

Ruth Binger, corporate law attorney with Danna McKitrick, P.C., recently published “Protecting Your Intellectual Property in a Wild World” in InterBusiness Issues (iBi), a publication of Central Illinois Business Publishers.

In the article, Binger discusses the importance of protecting intellectual property both in the U.S. and internationally if you are selling your product on the global marketplace.

Click here to read the full article reprinted with permission

Click here to read the full article as it appears in InterBusiness Issues (iBi)

Christopher Gaffney Joins Danna McKitrick, P.C.

Transactional Department Continues Growth With Addition of New Attorney

Christopher K. Gaffney Attorney at Law

Christopher K. Gaffney
Attorney at Law

St. Louis, MO – October 7, 2014 – Danna McKitrick, P.C. announced that Attorney Christopher K. Gaffney has joined the firm as an associate. Gaffney represents business clients in matters related to business transactions, business formation, financial transactions, and general corporate law. He also represents business owners and other individuals with estate planning matters.

He has experience assisting clients in bankruptcy proceedings, with financial reviews for business or personal transactions, and in family law matters. During law school, Gaffney completed several internships, including one with the SLU Law Economic Development Clinic, where he assisted nonprofit organizations with incorporation, compliancy, tax-exempt status, and review of loan programs to limit liability. Continue reading »