Tobben Questions Springfield Suit Challenging Retirees’ 3% Benefit Increase

Both Tobben & MO Attorney General Seeks Dismissal of Suit

Dan Tobben interview included in “Attorney General’s Office Files for Dismissal in Springfield Pension Lawsuit” on August 2, 2010, KSPR News.

One by one, retired Springfield firefighters and police officers filled the meeting at the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center. Attorney Dan Tobben, representing about 260 of them against the city, gave a presentation. In June, each former public servant was served a summons for a civil case. In the case the city is asking for a declaratory judgment which affirms a legal right or interpretation.

Dan Tobben Comments on KSPR

“The attorney general has said in a pleading file with the court ‘we did not give you an opinion, why are you dragging us into it; we are not threatening to sue you,’” attorney Tobben said.

It’s unclear what is next for the lawsuit. Four judges have said they can’t hear the suit, citing possible conflicts with taking the case.

The City of Springfield is paying the COLA increase. Retirees received their July check.

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