• Synergy that comes from collaboration among attorneys across legal practice areas.
  • Creativity and hard work.
  • Academic excellence and continued education.
  • Diverse professional backgrounds.
  • Leadership and commitment in our communities.


Danna McKitrick is a mid-sized law firm delivering solid legal representation through a broad variety of services to businesses, insurers, and individuals.

Responsive service, healthy client relationships, and quality legal services are key to living up to the firm’s reputation for excellence, and contribute to the likelihood of obtaining favorable outcomes.

Whether litigating, transacting day-to-day business, or addressing special circumstances, our attorneys skillfully handle matters that fall within the broad legal practice categories of: administrative law, antitrust, bankruptcy, business torts, condominium and homeowner associations, contracts, employment, environmental, estate and tax, intellectual property, real estate, securities, and workers’ comp

Focus and Team Advantage

Danna McKitrick’s service teams generally include a mix of attorneys: some oriented in litigation and others in business transactions. You continually benefit from sound theory as well as the thoughtful consideration of cause and effect based on many years of practical experience.

The number of areas of law and/or industries in which our attorneys practice is limited to enable deeper focus on factors pertinent to their respective areas. Lawyers’ continuing education is always tailored to the legal skills and strengths necessary to deliver meaningful advice and cutting-edge ideas.

Within our industries of focus, a balance of proactive, comprehensive transactional representation and responsive, effective litigation is provided.

Full-Firm Commitment

Danna McKitrick provides fairly priced, top quality services for businesses and individuals, alike. We pledge to provide the creativity and hard work necessary to anticipate and serve your needs.

Whether your legal needs are small or large, we commit to responsive service, a strong, sincere relationship, and pursuing favorable outcomes.